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To be published 26 April 2016

         Published 26 April 2016


It’s never too late to take charge of your health. I have noticed that even small changes can make a big difference. I teach and empower women to reach their health and fitness goals, to become fit, energised and happy in two main ways:

1. Nia – a one hour holistic fitness dance class that’s fun

2. Green Nutrition workshops for Vitality and Longevity – practical ideas and inspiration to improve wellbeing including delicious recipes for green juices, nut milks, raw sauerkraut and lots more.

1. Nia

Nia is based on the Pleasure Principle and a philosophy called The Body’s Way. By design, Nia helps your body move the way it is meant to, honoring your skeleton, your muscles, connective tissue, and everything else! By design, it makes you stronger.

Nia also makes you more comfortable in your body, while at the same time being energizing, creative, and healing.

I’ve been teaching Nia for 9 years and have never grown tired of it. It’s endlessly creative in the way music is used to guide us through a landscape of movement and exploration that leaves us sweaty and happy. You should try it!


Here’s a BBC 3 Counties Radio Health Show interview from 17th April 2016. I was interviewed by Nana Akua about Nia and my book Eat Dance Shine, with Foreword by Debbie Rosas, founder of Nia.

Listen to the 8 minute interview here:


Watch Nia with Michele

We love having new people in class because we love sharing this fun, fantastic workout. It’s not like anything you’ve ever done in the fitness arena before. At the very least, you will find it interesting. At the very best, you will find it life changing.

Nia is fitness for every part of your Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

The first fusion fitness program of its kind, Nia is inspired by:

  • Dance Arts – Jazz, Modern, Duncan
  • Martial Arts – Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi
  • Healing Arts – Yoga, the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, The Alexander Technique

Nia blends a range of rhythmic music styles with carefully choreographed hour-long routines for Every Body and fitness level.

Discover the power and joy of this creative and energizing fitness class. Here’s a taste of Nia , 29 seconds worth watching.

By sensing movement in the moment, being expressed and enjoying yourself all in one class, in a safe environment, without judgement, you are able to get fit, lose weight, build muscle and feel well. Students are happy to come back year after year,  some student, twice or even three times a week.

Here’s what student Sophia Smith,  Reflexologist, Doula and Healer says: “I can’t find adequate words to express how precious Nia has become for me over the past 6 or 7 years since I joined your class. Every Monday is an unmissable date in my otherwise very full diary, a real treat and so much more! I still yearn to be able to fit in two classes a week….” and “As a therapist and healer, well, I rate the class as a stand alone form of holistic therapy, no less, and as such I often recommend it to my clients.

I have found that my energy levels, stamina and suppleness have increased, and it’s not only because of “lots of sweaty movement” per se: it’s the joy that infuses most of the movements you take us through, with a lot of variety, and space for personal improvisation too, many different musical moods and dancing styles.

And Storyteller Danyah Miller says “I just loved this routine (Soul) and can still feel the joy. I will be back next week to taste a little more of it. Thank you from bringing this delight into our village and our lives x”

Nia student Lynette Malitski, age 80 says “I  really  enjoyed  this  morning’s  Nia session  and  found  I  had  enough oomph  to  last  45  minutes…..the  music  and  movement  take  me  to another plane  and  the  feeling  of  wellbeing  lasts  throughout  the  day. Look  forward  to  next  week.”


Regular classes, great results!

Having taught Biology and Health Education in schools for 15 years, and given lectures, ongoingly leading Green Nutrition workshops  and one to one Healthy Living coaching,  I was ready to move into teaching Nia fitness class, when I read about it in an American Health Magazine. Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about prevention, about health and fitness. However, I never liked to go to the gym.  As a mother of 3, I realized that I needed, more than ever, to start exercising very regularly, just like I brush my teeth very regularly! I needed to lose weight and get fit, be more supple. I was looking for a fitness class that would not feel like hard work, that I could happily stick to for years and years. Simply by reading the Nia article I knew that it was for me; within 6 months I was trained and teaching Nia in Kings Langley, near Watford, Hertfordshire.

That was 9 years ago. Now I am fitter than I was in my 20’s, I have dropped 2 sizes in clothes, have more muscle definition than I ever dreamed of – (no bingo wings!) and I am so much more comfortable and aware of my body and how I use it every day; literally “Dancing Through Life”.

See you on the dance floor!

2. Green Nutrition for Vitality and Longevity green juice image

If you have any ambition to make and drink vegetable juices daily providing a blast of easy-to-digest and absorb nutrients that may help you to feel better, think better, look better and sleep better, then, step one – I recommend you find a prominent place for your juicer on the kitchen counter. Half to one pint of green juice is a wonderfully nutritious boost to the beginning of the day. If you really want to go for it…have a green juice twice a day. But most important is to start the day right with the balancing effect of a green drink packed with bio-available nutrients. Helps to reduce cravings, avoid the sinking feeling mid-morning and generally starts to improve your whole digestive system. Ideally leave out any sweet fruit like apple. Fruit juices do not do a balanced job. Too much sugar in one concentrated hit tends also to reawaken cravings for sweet things. Only you know how well you handle a bit of fruit sugar, all depends on your level of health and activity. I used to add half an apple, but happy to say I now prefer it without. Body is happier too. And the lemon and ginger give it an interesting twist.

Date and details of next Green Nutrition Workshop

Interested in Michele’s favourite Green Juice recipe? click here

Vegetable juices with a high proportion of green, leafy plants, high in chlorophyll, do a wonderful job of alkalizing the body’s fluids (see last blog – pee H) I am beginning to see the benefits –  more energy to go for it in Nia classes, deeper sleep, clear skin, less aches and pains, clear sinuses….I am loving my daily green drinks, and also the sense that I am really taking good care of myself.

If you are ready to take your body, your fitness and your wellbeing to another level, make it a reality… rather than a nice ‘one day’ wish, come and join the dance classes in Kings Langley, Watford or Berkhamsted.

Call me, Michele on 07786 172407 or email to book your Nia class, Healthy Living coaching or join a Green Nutrition for Vitality and Longevity Workshop .