15 Minutes a Day For a Fitter, Leaner, Happier You This New Year


Turn Flab to Fab the Nia Way

Are you looking for an effective yet simple way to greater fitness and vitality?

Are you fed up with being enticed into the same pitfalls, the same temptations… every Christmas holiday season? Do you eat too much, and move too little? Are you dreading the post-Christmas zipper test?

Nia teacher, Michele Kaye of Kings Langley, may just be able to guide you.

It need only take 15 minutes a day, the Nia way, to make a difference. A Nia dance class is a holistic, fun, creative way to get fit, relieve stress, self-heal and live in your body with more Joy.

Here’s what to do to create your own mini Nia session:

Choose 3 tracks you love, about 5 minutes each.

o  The first one needs to be quite slow, a warm up track.

o  Next a faster funky track that you love to dance to.

o  Finally a cool down track.

Wear comfortable light clothing, take off your shoes and enjoy the sensation of your bare feet on the floor.

All set?… Lets go!

Play Track One:

Begin with soft flowing arm movements, be spontaneous. Feet apart and soft knees, gently lower your body to a comfortable place, sink, then rise and reach out, reach high; all the time dancing and swaying your spine. Have the intention to warm up all your joints, bend elbows, roll your shoulders, and enjoy the sensations.

Play Track Two:

As the music begins to inspire you, make your dance movements larger, more bold, and intense. Dance as if no one is watching you. GET MOVING, this is your chance to sweat, explore new ways to move and dance. Witness yourself rather than judge yourself and most of all, have fun.

Play Track Three:

Now is the time to create long shapes with your body, lengthen, slow down the moves, even hold a pose, like a statue, then move into a new one, without planning. After a minute or so, move down onto the floor and continue to dance, sitting, lying on your front, back or sides. Roll and twist, bend and play. Create shapes with your body as the music soothes you. Move until the track ends.



Come back up to standing in your own organic way. Inhale, raising and floating your arms up and out; then allow them to fall to your sides as you exhale. Repeat twice more.

Congratulate yourself on completing your 15 minute Nia session, on taking these steps towards fitness for body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Even team up with someone else, a buddy. Agree to both do it daily and check in with each other…helps you both to reach your goals.

If you add one or two 1-hour Nia dance classes to your 15 minute daily practice, you will surely propel a Fab New You into the New Year.

Contact Michele Kaye to arrange a Free Taster Nia Dance Class in the Watford area – see top of page or call 07786172407



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  1. Gena Burris May 10, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    NIA , which stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, is a blend of martial arts, dance, and healing arts. Done barefoot, this workout features a flowing blend of movement that combines deep breathing exercises with moves like kicks and turns to keep your heart rate elevated, your mind relaxed, and your body moving.