Anyone for a G and T?

I kid you not, most evenings my husband will ask me, as we prepare our meal, if I want a G and T and of course I say ‘ooh that would be lovely’. But what you don’t realize is, it’s a code for ‘a glass of sparking water with a slice of lemon, no ice.’glass of water

I appreciate being offered this delicious drink, and even more, I like the reminder to drink before a meal. Did you know it’s best to drink before rather than with a meal? Water with a meal, dilutes digestive enzymes, which as we age are commonly rather in short supply, anyway.

And how much water is good to drink in a day? It is an ongoing debate… 6-8 glasses or just listen to your body’s thirst mechanism? Again as we age this thirst mechanism can become less reliable. Some people say include your herb teas in the 6-8 glass count, others say not to.

I personally forget to count, always start my day with a Iarge glass of filtered water, like to rely on thirst, love to include my endless cups of herb tea and feel good that my diet is not ladened with salt, contains negligible artificial chemicals, sugar and other nasties that need diluting. And checking the colour of your pee is an easy way to tell if you have drunk enough. Pale and light coloured yellow is good, dark and deep yellow means drink more water. Oh and bright vibrant yellow means you have just taken vitamin B2 or a multi-vit that contains B2.

Recently I have changed my pre-dinner drink order to ‘still water with slice of lemon’. As much as I like the sparkles, there are some problems, firstly sparkling water is more acidic than still, and may increase the work of the kidneys in keeping the delicate pH balance. Secondly most sparkling water comes in plastic.This means, after months, if not years in this bottle, the water has become contaminated with hormone disrupters such as PBA’s and phthalates. Not to mention the environmental pollution. Glass bottled water is best but expensive.

Finally filtering your tap water is a good idea, I love the saying ‘if you don’t filter your water, your body will become the filter’.

You may be glad to know, from time to time I still enjoy some sparkles in my water, lemon, no ice.






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