be yourself

Last Saturday I attended a workshop led by Anita Moorjani, in London. I love this woman. Her main message is Be Yourself and Love Yourself, Be Fearless, Life is a Gift. She makes it sound so simple, it IS simple but that does not necessarily mean it is EASY.

I have one very enlightened notebook, now the challenge is to download all my notes into my brain, even better into my heart.

One of my pages has written all over it in large words:

“Every day do ONE thing that gives me JOY!”

For starters, I do Nia every day and this is my passion and my joy. Take a moment to see what you can give yourself today that gives you Joy?


All of this came to Anita as a result of her Near Death Experience from cancer in 2006. And today I came across this article which synchronistically ties these threads together – how Nia can help women with Breast cancer who are having radiation therapy

It is great to have the validation of this scientific study AND in my humble opinion Nia will also empower any woman, you, with or without breast cancer by enabling you to connect to pleasure and joy, to move the body, have fun and drop the worrying concerns for a few minutes of the day, to sweat and get a little breathless, to leave judgments behind and to feel a connection with others.  Hey I almost forgot…to express yourself through movement, to shout a bit, kick and punch a bit (Tae Kwon Do style) and be yourself.

 Anita says ‘ shine your light as brightly as you can!’



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