Being a Dreamer

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Embercombe, Devon ( for the 4th time at a Friends Working Weekend.

This wonderful community is nestled in a wild and private valley, and hosts many schools and organizations who come to benefit from living close to the land for a week or two, to work in the vegetable gardens and the kitchen, and remember what it is all about.

I was particularly excited to be visiting my daughter who is volunteering there for a month. She was in such great shape, that on seeing her I was overcome with joyful tears and sobs as we hugged.


On Sunday morning as on every morning, sitting around the Children’s Fire at 9.00 we all ‘check in”, and then tasks for the day are allotted. One person volunteers to take on the role of being the ‘dreamer’ for the morning. Spontaneously I shot my hand up and offered to be the dreamer. This role is taken from the American Indian tradition, and I understand it to be this: that there is one person who unlike the others is not busy, not constructive in the material world, who is simply being, maybe even a channel for guidance. And the invitation is there to share the experience with others later in the day. I started off going to the car and in as much of a dream like way as possible, kitted up with waterproof trousers and jacket. Feeling invincible I slowly and consciously walked down the track to the woods, spontaneously veering off into a field to sit on a hay bale in a small barn. The smell of sweet hay was exquisite as was the fine rain falling on the summer field.

Moving on I found myself in the woods walking up and up over brambles and dry leaves, touching trees, sitting in a dip, back against a kind tree, lying gazing up at the now clear and sunny sky, through the leafy branches. My thoughts were few and far between, a sense of peace and gratitude, of being connected, pervaded me. I noticed saliva flowing. Occasionally my mind became busy with ideas, a small nudge reminded me to be the dreamer for everyone.

So wonderful was this experience that I have promised myself a half hour a week (at least) to be a dreamer in my own home and surroundings.

Such a thrill to think of myself slowing down, connecting with the Earth and being totally useless!



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