dance! for a healthy immune system

 women dancing Nia

It started on Sunday with a sore throat. Woke on Monday and it was still there. ‘Not good’ I said to myself. How am I going to teach my 5 Nia classes this week? This is my first cold in… I can’t remember how long, 3 years? Or is it 5?

Well, I took myself off to my first class on Monday morning and I focused on moving just the right amount, not so much to be exhausted and weak, and not so little that I didn’t get hot. Like Goldilocks said, it was ‘just right’. And I felt better.

 By Wednesday I realized that I really needed to slow down my dancing in class (we call it level 1) and at the end of class, a regular student even commented that she had never seen me move so little, thanked me for coming out and said she hoped I was going to bed for the rest of the day!

Today we really danced small, connecting to deep deep muscles. We were almost mincing at times. And great for the pelvic floor!

A little research on the web reminded me that a small amount of exercise while having a cold, is not only OK but actually can speed up recovery and prevent future colds! It’s been shown that IF you feel up to it, exercising while having a cold can actually make you feel better, sooner, by raising your body temperature, killing many viruses and mildly stimulating your immune system.

Oh and finally getting out in the sun, what sun? oops WISH THE SUN WOULD COME OUT ALREADY or buying a vit D mouth spray, makes a huge difference. My vit D levels are optimum, (I know ‘cos I get them tested twice a year) Don’t get me started on vit D, I’m off for a leisurely afternoon, horizontal.



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