exercise to stay young

Lets face it, none of us like the idea of growing old. I used to think age 35 was impossibly far away, and now I am 55. How did that happen?

Last post I was saying how much I love all that wisdom and self-confidence that comes with maturity, and that I do not miss those insecure 20’s and 30’s at all. True. Yet, I notice that I am REALLY interested in keeping young at heart and young in my body. This is no bad thing. I think…if I feel really well and full of vitality, all the better to enjoy later life!

About 10 years ago when I was exploring a healthy lifestyle in a big way, I read that you really need to exercise daily to be well and impact longevity. Some wise guy said, think of exercise like brushing your teeth, just do it! Daily!  And that stayed with me. A few years later I became a Nia teacher which really made sure I exercised daily. (even tho’ I’d rather not call it exercise, but rather moving and grooving and sweating with the joy of movement to great music OR why not call it Nia, for short).

OK so we know we need to sweat and move with varying intensity and with awareness, we know that this improves the health of our heart and circulation, we also know that dancing and martial arts are both weight bearing exercises that increase bone density. Keeps osteoporosis at bay…all sounds good so far. Did you know that regular exercise is also a powerful anti-cancer strategy, and also a way to increase your human growth hormone (HGH)?

HGH plays an important role in maintaining health, fitness and longevity, promotes muscle growth and boosts fat loss by revving up your metabolism – yey! Keeps us young.

So do yourself a favour and move daily. How about coming to Nia twice a week? Sense the benefits.



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