girls night out

 women dancing NiaIt’s been literally years since I went on a Girls Night Out, and I have no desire to do so now…the memories of really late nights and sore feet from dancing in heels! No thanks.

However this week I did fish out a compilation album from my Nia music library that I first danced to 6 years ago, called Girls Night Out. A wonderfully dancy funky album by Candy Dulfer from 1999. Seems more like 1980’s music. And I am enjoying revising the choreography created by Nia co-founder Carlos Rosas. Looking forward to sharing it with you Nia students this summer (5 Summer classes on Wednesdays, all listed on webpage).

It (the routine) is not quite polished enough, just yet, to bring out to play. However today in class I chose the focus ‘Girls Night Out’ ie creating a party on a Tuesday morning in not-so-sunny Kings Langley with the intention of connecting to the Joy of Movement for no reason. Just simply choosing joy!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly walked out of the class with a spring in my step and a reminder that the Joy of Movement is there waiting to be chosen at any moment – as I walk down the street, as I walk across the fields with Teddy dog, or just up the stairs at home. For me it’s a sense of tingling aliveness, freedom to express myself, and an awareness of being physical even in a subtle way.

I love that we can turn up at a Nia class on a Tuesday morning, grey sky, nothing to celebrate in particular and end up strutting around like super models, punching the air with gusto and then rolling around on the floor to some German bloke singing Hallelujah, toning up our bodies and having a great time to boot.

Who needs a Girls Night Out!



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