Eat Dance Shine

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Eat Dance Shine

How to come alive, gain energy and push back the years. Published by Filament Publishing 26th April, £14.99 plus P&P

Eat Dance Shine won a Gold Award in The Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

Eat Dance Shine won a Gold Award in The Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards



Janey Lee Grace interviews Michele about Eat Dance Shine

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Eat Dance ShineThis book is about food, exercise, and ways to stay happy and healthy whilst respecting your body.

Full of ideas, tips, recipes and inspiration, Eat Dance Shine shows the way ahead to an achievable healthy and happy life. Some of the areas I cover are: eating a rainbow, what are superfoods and probiotics and why take them, the importance of finding an exercise that you love and finally ways to shine, to stay happy. Losing weight effortlessly and permanently may just be a happy side effect!

And did you know that all grapes contain a mix of antioxidants the most well known one being resveratrol, also found in chocolate and wine! There is a chapter on each of these and how to include them in a healthy way.

My passion is holistic health, particularly prevention – staying healthy in mid life and beyond. Give your health top billing and embrace lifestyle habits which improve energy and a sense of wellbeing.  It’s always a good time to respect your body, invest in feeling great for today and the future.

My Eat Dance Shine philosophy is gentle, forgiving and nurturing:

  • It’s never too late to make changes
  • Small changes really do make a difference
  • What you do every day counts.


“Just wanted to send you a personal message to congratulate you on your book. I received my copy last week and have been flicking through it since. It’s so refreshing to read a self help book that I feel really speaks to ME. I love the simplicity of the text, the fun drawings and of course the familiarity of Nia pictures. Despite many years of studying and teaching yoga and Nia, I still often eat, drink and do things that are not beneficial to my well being ( mad, I know). You write in a way that doesn’t make me feel inferior because of this, and inspires me to change my negative patterns. Thank you.” Mary Claire, Nia teacher

Download your Chapter 17 Eat Dance Shine – ‘Taking Stock’ worksheet here:

EDS Taking Stock Worksheet

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