moving with freedom, moving within my own limits

I have felt somewhat limited in the last few months, since damaging my shoulder. Some of you will have notice the brightly coloured strips of sticky tape that my chiropractor skillfully places on my shoulder, apparently to support and stimulate the myofacial tissues to heal. You may have also noticed how my arms do not do the same thing even when ideally I would like them to. In Nia we call this doing it ‘My Body’s Way’ as opposed to doing it ‘The Body’s Way’. I am grateful for the lesson; I am having to choose smaller moves, to rea10363097_1164559233569530_5539550814821665985_n (1)lly listen to my left arm, to not be perfect and to not always (ahem) look good.

It’s been 8 months and although there is improvement, movement of my left arm is still limited. Another lesson, this time, in patience.

I do not let this injured joint stop me from enjoying Nia, enjoying moving to music and dancing. But I do need to be even more aware of pleasure and pain. My main aim is to move within comfortable limits, to enjoy the movements of my arm as well as my whole body, and avoid any moves that cause pain. I am often looking for the sensations that make me want to say ‘I feel better’.

Debbie Rosas, Nia co-creator, CEO and more recently, creator of Moving to Heal Nia classes, says “Healing is natural, you cannot avoid it” And ‘we choose pleasure and comfort as the way to harness the body’s natural power to self-heal.’ If you have an injury or a part of your body that is not feeling good, is injured, achy or painful, I do invite you to keep moving, come to a Nia class, even if it means staying seated and adapting the moves. I know some of you do that, and it always inspires me.

It is possible to take a Nia class even when you are not in optimum health and still benefit from Nia’s energizing, creative, and healing qualities. Nia helps your body move the way it is meant to, honoring your skeleton, your muscles, connective tissue, and everything else! You may find it makes you feel strong, flexible, happy, peaceful, oh, and even sweaty.


















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