once is not enough

Nia class

How active are you? Is that enough movement for good health?  Do you feel strong, flexible? Are you agile? Are your joints mobile?

Do you feel comfortable in your body or is it something you would rather ignore, not think about?

So many questions!

It’s just that I have been thinking about you, the student who comes to Nia once a week and loves it, appreciates what it does for you and then walks out the door at the end of class, tingling, and your body mind spirit has to wait another week for more.

I feel privileged to teach 4-5 classes of Nia a week, ….oh and I also walk Teddy at least one hour a day. My body, actually my whole being is grateful that I do.

At the same time there is a part of me that would love to spend most of my life on a sofa doing very little.  And it is true to say, that part has gotten much smaller over the last 6 years since I discovered the joy of Nia. Now I realize I can be active, even enjoy being physical at the same time as not feeling sporty, or competitive. I can be expressive and liberated in movement, I can be sensual, I can have fun, all in one Nia class.

Just really want to encourage you to build more movement into your life and enjoy the benefits.

About coming to more than 1 class per week, Nia student KE says: “Once I started going to Nia twice a week the results really started to show… suddenly I was much fitter and noticeably more toned, even after just a few weeks. It almost feels like cheating – Nia is way too much fun to think of as exercise!”

And coming to Nia classes regularly has many other advantages:

  • supporting each other and being in the same boat
  • meeting great like-minded women
  •  networking

If there is no way you can make it to 2 or more Nia classes a week see what you can do about dancing around at home, 2-3 tracks of whatever gets you moving. Make up your own dance. Or go for a walk!

Make it happen 3-5 times a week and see the benefits!

Here’s an opportunity to dance more Nia:

Nia class – 5 Sensations

Saturday 29th June 10-11.30

 Rudolf Steiner School, Kings Langley £10

 We will focus on the 5 sensations of Nia – flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability to enhance your dance as you isolate and integrate all 5 sensations.

Book before 22nd June for discounted price £7

Email me to book your place asap



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