pee H


3 days ago I fished my pH papers out of my bathroom cabinet and placed them in a handy place. Thought ‘good’ , the stage is now set. All I need to do is remember to hold test paper mid flow when I tinkle and voila! my body pH displayed in colour. Crazy girl, I hear you say, she’s got rats in the attic!

In case you are baffled let me explain. Disease cannot live in a slightly alkaline, oxygenated environment! Free radicals don’t stand a chance to do any damage. A slightly alkaline body (pH 7.36) is crucial for good health. And we all have a tendency to swing over to the acidic side, below 7. Caused by modern living (stress) and processed food and refined carbs and ….no need to go on.

Well I decided it was time to monitor and manage my pH. My last cold took just too long to go, I have some aches and pains that are too boring to describe, “And I am too young and fit from Nia classes, for this” I hear myself say regularly.  All these signs of inflammation need addressing.  pH papers to the rescue.

I discovered

yes pee was acidic first thing in the morning, and also in the afternoon. Not good.

But the great news is that my pH levels have already changed within 3 days. Well and truly alkaline. One important thing I added to my diet was a large green alkalising vegetable juice freshly made every morning. This time I decided not to add that ½ apple I used to add to make it more palatable. Instead I added half a lemon (with rind) and a small lump of fresh ginger.  Happy body

And the aches are diminishing daily. How to make a green vegetable juice? Coming very soon. Let me know below if you have played with pH papers and green vegetable juices.



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