“Resistance is useless!”

About a week ago I was in denial that the Holiday Season was approaching. I would have liked it all to go away, this was a serious case of ‘resistance’. And as you may know, the Vogons say ‘resistance it useless’. On Monday morning I was still in this frame of mind, feeling like a child in an ‘I don’t want to’ mood.dance Nia to discover

Nia was my saviour. Even as I approached my class unwillingly, one step and one breathe at a time, I knew transformation was likely. I moved through the class experience to sense growing flexibility in my being. I reconnected to aliveness and sparkle. I moved! We moved and connected. Nia is more of a ‘work-in’ than a ‘work-out’. So, you see, I have come round to thinking about Christmas and even looking forward to the stillness I experience around that time. Being at home, together, around the table, around the fire and walking out in Nature. In preparation I have promised myself that none of my actions are to be from a place of ‘should’ and ‘duty’. No stress. Only actions from my heart.



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