soul food

 What feeds your soul?

What do you do to bring joy and nourishment to yourself?

 For me, I love to walk in nature with my black dog, in all weather, experiencing grey sky, rain, wind, and even sun! I also love to dance and Nia enables me to do this together with truly wonderful women _MG_2597.

 Tomorrow and for the next week, in Nia class, we are dancing to the routine Soul. The music and moves are strongly influenced by Native Americans. I love to dip into that wonderfully rich and ancient culture, imagining what it was like to stand, balancing, in the hot sun, on the edge of a high cliff, looking down at the river sparkling way below. Or to enter a cave and see the figures drawn on the wall, to become one of those figures as I dance; to step to the beat of the powerful drum.

  I acknowledge Britta von Tagen, lovely Nia colleague, who was inspired to create this routine, living in Idaho with close links to the indigenous people.

 It really is a moving mediation for me. This is Soul Food.

I invite you to come and experience again, or for the first time, this dance session called Soul.



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