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What I wrote to the FT on ‘Gut Instinct’

The article Gut Instinct in Saturday’s FT on 7th January describes the detox diet at Grayshott Spa that eliminates sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol. Developing the long-term habit of cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates has to be praised. But I am concerned about the central recommendations to eat “lots of good-quality animal protein […]

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Spring Equinox Detox

Spring is here! It’s time to pull your juicer out of the cupboard, brush off the dust and crank up the engine! Did you know this is one of the best times to detox, just around the Spring Equinox, on March 20th? The equinox – the moment when the sun is directly above the equator […]

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Green vegetable juice

5 ways to get over a hangover

The time of year is upon us when we find ourselves at Christmas parties, lunches and dinners, wonderfully social opportunities to relax with colleagues and friends. The best hangover cure is to not drink too much in the first place but even with the noblest of intentions it is easy to overdo it. The 3 […]

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glass of green vegetable juice

Equinox Detox

Join me on Wednesday 23rd September from the comfort of your own kitchen for a cleansing One Day Juice Fast?  Did you know that the Equinoxes (both Spring and Autumn) are the best times to detox. Twice a year your body has the highest energy for pushing toxins out of the body and having a […]

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