Work of Art

“I am a work of Art”


For a while now, years actually, I have not been that bothered about my appearance. I had decided that jewellery and make up were a. not necessary b. not natural and c. not ME.

Then something changed. It all started about 3 weeks ago when I was looking at my Nia training manual, reviewing one of the 13 principles, Awareness. And one aspect of this principle is called Life as Art.

It got me thinking….I often have my best thoughts while walking the dog…‘What if I viewed myself as a piece of art, a creation?’ I tried out: ‘I am a work of art.’ That seemed a really exciting idea.

Now, it’s not that I have suddenly become vain or narcissistic, it’s more like I have found a new interest – seeing myself as a living walking breathing piece of art.  I am enjoying what my hair looks like, what to do with it, how my clothes hang, what scarf or necklace I choose to wear; oh and what colours am I in the mood for today? I am really having some fun with this.

Of course most of us do care what we look like anyway, and most women love to buy clothes and shoes and bags and makeup and and……I suggest that generally, we do all of this out of a semi-conscious or even unconscious need to conform, be attractive, be loved? I include myself.

Now, this new place of awareness, this idea of ME being a piece of art, has added a fresh aliveness. It has given a new flavour to how I present myself to the world. It includes an acceptance of what is and what is not, warts and all, know what I mean 😉

And finally if I consider the people in my life, who have to look at me, hopefully they are enjoying this artwork too.




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