being present

Nia smiling squat cropI know it’s been written about and spoken about for millennia. How many books have you read on this idea of being present, in the moment? I am getting a fresh look at it now, while reading The Honeymoon Effect, Bruce Lipton’s latest book.  Crikey, you think there are just the 2 of you? You and your partner. No way, there are 4 minds, 2 conscious and 2 unconscious minds.  I now see how it can get complicated….anyway more of that if you read the book.

It’s been really interesting noticing how much time I spend in the past and in the future. Lipton suggests one of the ways to re-programme the unconscious mind so that we can re-create that honeymoon glow permanently, is to practice being present, being mindful.

I am so grateful to Nia for all the classes I have experienced over the last 6 years, being in the moment. Being present to sensation, feeling, being aware of my body and movement and music and little else. It is such a wonderful break from the mind, especially as researchers say ‘65% of our thoughts are negative and/or redundant.’

As we step-in to a Nia class we have the opportunity to leave behind all distractions, that means take a holiday from hectic life, and practise mindfulness for one full hour. Now that’s what I call a treat!

Treat yourself!



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