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Michele dancing

without judgement

Yesterday in Nia class we were dancing several tracks from the fab new routine Fly, for the first time. The probability of forgetting how to dance them was high. The focus for the class was the Steps and Stances of Nia and the intention was to practise non-judgement of ourselves. Just in case we went […]

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glass of green vegetable juice

success or failure?

 How did my juice feast go, I hear you say? I did it for 3 out of the 5 days, then acknowledged myself profusely for what an amazing accomplishment it was and gently moved into solid foods on day 4. I consider it a success. I am not focusing on the fact that I didn’t […]

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once is not enough

How active are you? Is that enough movement for good health?  Do you feel strong, flexible? Are you agile? Are your joints mobile? Do you feel comfortable in your body or is it something you would rather ignore, not think about? So many questions! It’s just that I have been thinking about you, the student […]

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being present

I know it’s been written about and spoken about for millennia. How many books have you read on this idea of being present, in the moment? I am getting a fresh look at it now, while reading The Honeymoon Effect, Bruce Lipton’s latest book.  Crikey, you think there are just the 2 of you? You […]

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lentil sprouts

why sprout?

Sometimes I need to be reminded, I need to be told something I already know. Actually, I need to be re-inspired. So you may well know alot about sprouting seeds and beans and all the health benefits of eating them, but it may be just one of those times when you need to hear it […]

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time for ME

What is this ’ME time’? Coming to a Nia class once or twice a week has been described as giving yourself ‘Me time’. I don’t actually like this saying. To me it sounds self-centred, even selfish. And like many of you, I have been conditioned to think ‘selfish’ means ‘bad’. Maybe there is another way […]

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exercise to stay young

Lets face it, none of us like the idea of growing old. I used to think age 35 was impossibly far away, and now I am 55. How did that happen? Last post I was saying how much I love all that wisdom and self-confidence that comes with maturity, and that I do not miss […]

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dance! for a healthy immune system

It started on Sunday with a sore throat. Woke on Monday and it was still there. ‘Not good’ I said to myself. How am I going to teach my 5 Nia classes this week? This is my first cold in… I can’t remember how long, 3 years? Or is it 5? Well, I took myself […]

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don’t stop dancing girl

This week in Nia classes we are dancing a new track called… you guessed it…Don’t Stop Dancing Girl. It’s a real disco sound, the moves are a bit John Travolta-esque and by half way through you just want to sing along. Naff? Yes or no? All I can say for sure is we are having a […]

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