A fitness dance class, Nia, is starting in Watford this November.

Now is the time to move your body, in November, WELL before the festive season begins. Why?

THAT WAY you can start to teach your body and mind the joy of experiencing life with a fit, slim and strong body. Then when all the temptations arrive to overeat and under use your body, you will have already developed great habits that are easy and enjoyable to keep. Remember it only takes 21 days to create a new habit.

By dancing Nia regularly you may well see these results:

weight loss …so you look gorgeous at all those festive parties

strengthened muscles…for carrying people home

increased muscle definition…no bingo wings 😉 in your skimpy tops

calmer mind, less stress…with all the relatives around

more grace and flexibility…fun sitting on the floor when there are not seats left

better posture…no back ache

improved stamina…your still on the dance floor burning all those calories, when everyone else has faded

heightened sexual function…!!!

strengthened immunity…avoid the seasonal colds and flues

Who needs any more reasons to make Nia your regular fitness practise!

Set to rhythmic and soulful music, Nia is a fitness practise that is both exhilarating and healing for body, mind, emotions and spirit. It combines the precision of Martial Arts with the expression of  Dance and the awareness of the Healing Arts.

Nia brings passion, fun and aliveness to your fitness class …. and to life itself!

*Call Michele or email to book your free taster class

M 07786172407

*Sign up for the discounted 5 week course.Nia fitness class Watford

Special offer £25 (Normal rate is £35) if you book before 8th November.

OR Bring a friend and you both come for half the normal price!



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