don’t stop dancing girl

Nia smiling squat crop

This week in Nia classes we are dancing a new track called… you guessed it…Don’t Stop Dancing Girl. It’s a real disco sound, the moves are a bit John Travolta-esque and by half way through you just want to sing along. Naff? Yes or no? All I can say for sure is we are having a great time!

There is something about Nia that has made me, in the last 6 years, much less of a music snob and more able to let go, have fun and say ‘who cares what I look like’. It’s liberating and oh so much more fun!  Don’t you just remember your late teen years, maybe early 20’s when you and your mates would disco the night away, (it was always me and Mandy), we bopped till we dropped, James Brown, the Isley Brothers? But there were so many concerns about how we moved, how we looked and were we cool enough. Regret those days are over? NO WAY! I love being a mature woman with the freedom and wisdom that comes with the deal.

At the same time there is actually a flavour of those old days in Nia classes, women coming together (but no handbags in the middle), women re-discovering how great it is to move and sweat, to shout ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to life, and to be disco queen’s once again WITHOUT all the self-consciousness and WITH all the health benefits. Come to a Nia class to celebrate being you, being part of a community, thankful that you have the wisdom not to care anymore about looking ‘cool’, and the sense to know what is good for you.



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