Equinox Detox

Join me on Wednesday 23rd September from the comfort of your own kitchen for a cleansing One Day Juice Fast?

 Did you know that the Equinoxes (both Spring and Autumn) are the best times to detox. Twice a year your body has the highest energy for pushing toxins out of the body and having a big clear out. In the Autumn, at the equinox, your body is designed to go through a deep cleanse in preparation for the winter.glass of green vegetable juice

College of Natural Nutrition founder and director Barbara Wren writes in her book Cellular Awakening: How your body holds and creates light, at the time of the equinoxes:

“There is a huge surge of energy which detoxifies our cells. […] Our bodies work hard to take full advantage of the high energy of the equinoxes as a means of clearing toxicity. Although the equinoxes are times of potential healing through the removal of a high level of toxicity, they are also potentially times when the body can become overwhelmed and be unable to move on in a positive direction. This could be an inability to fully resolve an acute illness, so symptoms drag on for weeks or months afterwards.”

You may have noticed that many people get colds and ‘flu around the times of the equinoxes, the body’s way of enforcing a clear out. And this can be a good sign, acute illness is the body’s way of throwing out toxins. So if you develop a sore throat or a cold around now, rest and eat lightly and just remember that your cells are having a good old clear out!

You can support your body in its efforts to detox by doing a one-day juice fast. Join me on Wednesday 23rd from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are not alone. Contact me at michele@michelekaye.com for your One Day Juice Plan.

If you cannot do the whole day on juices, consider eating only simple foods on and around the Equinox including green juices, smoothies and simple soups. And get plenty of rest, aiming to be in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm


Finally, join me…Next Friday 25th September for a Green Nutrition Workshop 

to enjoy tasting and discussing types of juices and juicers, how to make raw sauerkraut, vegetarian sushi and lots more.

When? 9.30-13.00

Where? In my kitchen

Cost: £35



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