Eventually shift happens

New Year is a time for setting resolutions, goals, projects and intentions. Been there, worn the t-shirt, done that. We are weird creatures, we do it every year and yet everyone knows these new projects don’t last.

Does that mean we should give up? Not at all, I say, keep on playing with change. Just don’t expect too much of yourself. I like to treat myself as one of my children, when they were little , saying “that’s OK, sweetie, giving up, that’s just what you do, not bad or wrong, just a lovely human.” So what now…keep on and set another intention that improves my feeling of health and happiness.

Rather than mentally beating myself up and becoming resigned to never changing for the better, I just keep loving my fickle and wacky self and stepping into the next grand change idea that I come up with. Remember that a great longevity tool is to stimulate neuroplasticity, make changes, stimulate new sensations, bring mindfulness to even the most mundane activity like changing how you brush your teeth, or really go for it and learn that musical instrument you have always yearned for, learn a new language.

I am not a neuro-scientist, nor a meditation master. But I have been studying, reading, exploring and experimenting with health practices for the last 35 years. I am passionate about natural health. That to me means living more like our ancestors did, what our genes are optimised for. Not the modern approach which can often mean sitting most of the day, not having the time to prepare and eat

Fresh broccoliReal Food, only processed food. Then being offered a pill for every ill while being told to eat whatever you like, and the promise that later you can have surgery!

So for me it’s a New Year of Real Food, Dancing and Walking, Meditation, Sleeping, basically Living and Loving Life. Oh and playing my guitar!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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