Go Green, Girl!

Don’t you just LOVE this time of year. Every Spring the colours and abundance of life seem to me, to get more vivid, or is it just what happens as one matures? Mmmm, anyway I’m loving it.

Any opportunity to increase the amount of green leaves in your diet is a great idea. More salads, more green juices!

I am talking about kale and chard as well as rocket, spinach and lettuce leaves. Here’s my south facing vegetable box packed with curly kale and rainbow chard.IMG_3597

Packed with nutrients, there’s calcium for muscle function and blood pressure management, vitamins A, C and E for skin, eyes and immune system, vitamin K for blood clotting, lutein for the eyes, folate for the heart and memory. Greens contain a whole host of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and carcinogens. Need I continue? There may well be another 100 or so valuable nutrients we have no name for yet!

Other shades of green to include are the wild greens which are meant to contain even greater amounts of nutrients. Just make sure you collect them away from polluted areas like the sides of busy roads. I love to juice nettles, cleavers (sticky weed) and dandelion leaves along with apple and celery.IMG_3573

Finally you can sprout sunflower seeds on a soil tray and when the seedlings, called sunflower greens, are about 2 inches high, harvest and add them to your salads. They are absolutely packed with easily digested and absorbed nutrients. Enjoy your 50 shades of green!




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