green shoots

Lots of little green shoots pushing up outside the front door, I’ve been noticing, hope they don’t get too much of a shock if/when it snows. New beginnings. So much is starting to shape up for this coming year.Michele Kaye Nia dance classes Watford

 I am really excited about the Green Nutrition workshop next Thursday 23rd. Starting to make lists of what I need to bring with me, pretty much half the kitchen! There’s the seeds I am soaking, the cabbage I am about to chop and beat up with my rolling pin. Then there’s the shopping in advance for organic kale, carrots, celery, cabbage, apples, lemons, not to mention soaking the almonds and hazelnuts the night before. Bring the juicer, Vitamix, nut milk bags, jars for sauerkraut, knives, bowls, chopping boards, tasting cups, tea towels oh and the extension cable and multi-plug gang.  Mustn’t forget the soil and seed trays for the sunflower greens (see photo). Oh I love doing demos on this sort of green and vibrant stuff, getting myself and everyone else all inspired to live well.

Then very excited to be preparing to co-lead a ‘Nia with Crystal Clear Energy’ Retreat on beautiful Greek Island of Agistri mid-May with the lovely Nidhi. I met her last October on her retreat and we have decided to collaborate and offer an amazing week of Nia and energy healing. Pop a note in your diary if at all interested. More info on this coming shortly.

Finally I am really touched by the new routine Touch, cool-funky music, amazing moves AND it really makes us hot and sweaty…comments like ‘You worked us hard today, Michele’ and ‘That’s a hot one!’ Want to know how to avoid hot flushes? Move, get hot and sweat!

Hope the New year is hotting up for you too!





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