Healing my ankle

Today is Saturday, 4 weeks since I slipped on a muddy slope on the Common near our home, while walking the dog, early one damp Saturday morning just before Christmas and fractured my ankle. Ironically the early morning walk is the only time I leave my mobile phone at home and as no one else was around to help, I hobbled home with a very confused dog wondering why we were walking so slowly and strangely. He stayed with me all the way even though he was free to run ahead. Animals know!

I seem to be progressing at a fair pace although as this is my first (and hopefully my last) fracture, I don’t have anything to compare it with. However when fracture nurse explained to me that I would need to wear the ‘boot’ for 4-6 weeks I did feel the weight of this like a jail sentence. Grateful to have just finished reading and been inspired by the Surrender Experiment by M. Singer, I was quick to move on to Letting Go of wanting life another way. Accepting that I would not be doing 75% of the cooking over Christmas, accepting that I would be doing zero cooking over Christmas pretty soon became a rather pleasant exercise in surrender.

Now a month on, I am walking around the house in slippers with no boot, no crutches. I am resting with my foot up, rotating and wiggling my feet, enjoying listening to stuff, watching stuff, reading, knitting, talking, playing guitar and hang drum for a large part of the day. Playing instruments on my own and with friends has been a wonderful distraction and entertainment. I am also being taken and returned in a car 4 times a week, by caring and loyal students, to my Nia fitness/movement classes where I teach them from a chair. This has been so valuable for my body and emotions as well as for feeding my soul. Thanks to two amazing women, Holly Nastasi and Joanie Brooks, both American Nia trainers, I was inspired to not cancel my classes for 6 weeks, but start back after the Christmas holidays on 3rd January as planned. I am reminded of Nia founder and creator, Debbie Rosas’s premise that Through Movement we are able to heal our body, our mind, and our spirit.

Listening to the messages of Life, the Universe is something I love to do. I’ve had plenty of time to ponder on what message this ‘accident’ carried to me. Resting, slowing down, being present are my favourites to date.

I hope my experience will be of benefit to anyone else who may experience something similar. I know we are all unique, as is each injury, however, I find it good to get ideas, tips and inspiration from others, then adapt them and make them my own. So I hope you and others can benefit from what I did:

Action #1 What a pain…. relief!

Luckily the pain was mild to uncomfortable, to tender, never severe and with the help of 2-4 drops of CBD oil under the tongue each day, this meant that I did not take even one paracetamol, asprin or neurofen over the entire period. It had not been my intention to shun normal pain relief, it’s just how it happened. However, no surprise, as I practically never take medication anyway. Then weeks later I read on ‘Better Bones’ website: “Inflammation is an important part of the cleaning and re-building process of healing a fracture. Ibuprofen and aspirin inhibit this necessary inflammation and therefore delay healing.”

Tip #2 Homeopathy

Gratitude goes to my dear friend and homeopath Dawn who delivered my powerful homeopathic 4 remedy mix to my door within 2 hours of returning from the hospital, which I am still taking 2/3 times a day.

Action #3 Minerals

I am taking 1tbs of liquid Bone Support (delivering highly absorbable calcium and magnesium) from www.kylevialli.com

Action #4 Vitamins

I continue to take sufficient Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 for healthy bones and immune system. I take 5000IU of Vitamin D, to keep my plasma levels high. Every one needs to find out their ideal daily amount, which varies depending on how much sunlight you receive, diet and lifestyle. Too big a subject to address here but I wrote a chapter on this in my book Eat Dance Shine. Regular Vitamin D testing is important in finding out your ideal daily amount.

Action #5 Red Light Therapy

Luckily I had read Red Light Therapy by Ari Whitten last year and as a result bought a powerful lamp which shines healing near infra-red and red light to speed up healing and reduce inflammation. 5 days a week I have been giving my ankle a few minutes of red light.

Action #6 Comfrey (also called Bone Knit) poultice

Thanks to another friend/ Nia student, Ann for picking and delivering comfrey leaves so I could make a poultice to put on my ankle. I heard it was a messy and smelly business blending these leaves in water and mixing them with flour to form a paste to apply to the area of skin above the broken bone. Luckily I came across a recipe that replaces the flour with psyllium husks which made the green blend a gloop more than a watery paste. This meant it did not leak all over the place but stayed nicely in place for an hour or two, on my ankle covered with muslin and cling film. It felt soothing and seemed to increase mobility. And I was able to freeze several blobs in baking parchment for further treatments.

Action #7 Craniosacral Therapy

I often notice that we use practitioners that are either our friends or those with a great reputation that are local to us. Well Agnes fits both catagories for me, so I am able to benefit from this gentle, non invasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum, helping to speed up healing and reduce inflammation. I had one session so far, loved it, and will have a couple more.

Action #8 Acupuncture

Once again I love to go to great people in my area (thank you Alex) and feel even more encouraged when I read that “acupuncture helps to reduce the pain and swelling as well as improve blood flow and circulation to heal the bone, muscles, tendons and ligaments.”

Action #9 Rest

Something we all know we need to do, but some of us find it harder than others, ahem! I’m not so good at putting my feet up and doing nothing, listening to a podcast while knitting or watching a film. To be honest with myself and you, I have not been in the practice of making this a priority. Certainly working on making this a new habit in 2019

Action #10 Gratitude

Without meaing to sound sentimental, I am very grateful for all the love and support I have been given, starting with my husband Jez who has been there for me for the last 4 weeks. Friends have visited, offered EFT, brought flowers and smoothies, others have walked the dog several times, driven me places, picked and delivered Comfrey.

Today I taught my Nia class seated at the front, however on several occasions during the one hour session, I found myself actually gently dancing to the music on both feet. Last week my students decided that I didn’t actually break my ankle and that it was all a ploy to get some attention. Made me laugh!

I cannot be sure which of these actions worked best for me, or even which ones worked and which ones didn’t. I don’t need to know, I’m happy and satisfied as long as I notice the healing process has a good pace. Mission accomplished!



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