hosting a Nia masterclass

Wow, phew, yey and woohoo!

It started this morning with a quick drive down to Terminal 2 at LHR. The traffic was wonderfully light on the M25 at 7.30am and to my surprise Helen Terry was immediately there by my car at the ‘drop off’ bay, with 2 suitcases, ready to jump in. Enough time to whizz home, make and drink a delicious (even tho’ I say it myself) carrot, ginger and pineapple juice before setting up the sound system and getting ready for the Masterclass at the local Steiner School, here in Kings Langley.

What a class! 13872901_10154100206771077_9003803822627029684_nWith a beautiful group of people, and the lovely energy that Nia seems to attract. How often are you grateful for your legs that get you around, for your hands and arms that do all the stuff you do, and for your core (pelvis, chest and head) for holding them and linking them all together? Helen shares Nia with such skill and depth, makes anatomy come alive, at the same time as enabling us somewhat reserved girls to move in amazing ways, to shout and sing and even pull grim “don’t you dare” faces. How does she do that?! Mid class we found ourselves on our backs on the floor kicking and yelling, then jumping up again for some more T’ai Kwon Do punches and blocks while travelling left and right. With Jez on bongo drums the rhythms seemed even more accessible.

Later a beautiful sweeping freedance found us mingling in the room while sensing our arms extended out front, crossed over with interlaced fingers. You had to be there; take it from me, we connected to all parts of our bodies as a unity, we connected to our emotions from a place of gratitude and we connected to our strength with ‘don’t mess with me’ energy. I love the width and breadth that Nia is, such multi-dimensional fitness.13659147_10154100207636077_1148718569647633019_n


Take a look at the happy faces at the end of the class! To find a Nia class in my area go to my classes page…or in your area, go to


Posted by Ildikó Miklós on Saturday, 30 July 2016



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