how Nia keeps me young


I have been teaching Nia for nearly 7 years. I consider this is a solid chunk of my life. And it so happens to be the years when 2 of my 3 children moved from being teenagers to becoming young adults and leaving home. It has been a time in my life when I see myself transforming into a menopausal and post-menopausal wise woman! This has been simultaneously a wonderful and terrible time. Asking myself what is my purpose, who needs me, how do people relate to me? What do I want for myself? During this time Nia has accompanied me as a dear friend, even at times my saviour.

how Nia keeps me young

how Nia keeps me young

Many of my students, no surprise, also seem to be women of around my age, although some younger women come too, I am delighted to say. I sense, although we rarely talk about it, that we older women have a mutual understanding of the challenges of our age, such as… can I still move in a slinky or even sexy way, is it OK for me to express this? Some days I feel joints stiffening up, feel less energetic and bouncy? Will this change or is this permanent? At times I can feel a sense of loss for my youth.

I have the privileged of turning up to Nia class 4 mornings a week no matter what, unlike my students, most of whom come once a week, some twice.  I am there, whatever my mood, the weather, the internal dialogue, the peace or the turmoil. And I get to move my body to glorious music! I have the blessing of an hour to experience music, body, movement, community and the singular joy of being alive, with no reasons. This is the gift of NIa for me, and then the side benefit is that I sweat, create all sorts of healthy hormones, shout a bit, get breathless, stretch in ways that feel great. Later when I run down the street, as I am late meeting a friend for coffee, I sense the wonderful core strength that I have developed, enabling me to feel fast and powerful in my run, in a way that I never felt in my 20’s!

What has Nia done for you? How does Nia make you feel? email me your comments



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