I like to Move it! Move it!

Remember this track ‘I like to Move it’ by Zoo Gang? We are dancing it in tomorrow’s class!4775763088_a7bd1e84ff

It’s like a double espresso first thing in the morning. I challenge you to play it, dance around the kitchen table and see what I mean.

For the last 30 years Nia has been saying  “through movement we find health”.

Never before has this meant more to the health and fitness world than it does today. Finally magazines, news clips, doctors are all saying it. And it’s what I need to keep hearing, I suspect we all need reminding, especially now that the summer holidays are here, fantastic weather and lots of resting, lying around keeping cool. All great…but I do notice that if I don’t keep moving, I stiffen up.

Talking of stiffening up, was at my mum’s 90th Birthday garden party last Saturday, BBQ with 45 guests, lovely and we had lots of shade, amazing weather. The next day I sat with her in the garden having breakfast while kids were sleeping and helped her open her presents, read Birthday cards to her. Someone gave her foot cream so I put some on her feet, she thought it was hilarious and then she put some on my feet! A lovely mother and daughter moment. Husband Jeremy watched and smiled.

Although she can’t see very well and can’t hear very well, has a knee and a hip replacement, she still does a yoga and a Pilates class each week, plays the piano, manages her garden and travels the world on her own. Her energy is awesome. Just watching her can make me tired!

So even if I have inherited her arthritis genes I am grateful and thank her for the inspiration that she is to me. ( I know she will read this J)

I also want to thank all the students who asked for a holiday class, ‘cos now I have booked a weekly Wednesday Nia class, it means I keep moving. Come and join me.

You’ve just gotta move it!





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