I’m Back and I’m Black

I am back and I am B1919649_10152327742891379_902209228112062396_nlack!

Well what that really means is I have just completed the Nia Black Belt in Hamburg. It was amazing, about 32 of us from all over the world coming together with Ann Christiansen’s remarkable guidance, compassion, fun, love and wisdom. I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Memories of the participants’ faces and voices and personalities stay with me, brothers and sisters for ever. New life starts again as a beginner Nia Black Belt, not sure what the heck that means but I do know it is not the same as before. Come to think of it nothing is the same as before, whatever I do…go on holiday, go shopping, walk the dog and it changes me, even if in minute ways. Know what I mean?Nia Class

I am so looking forward to living into some new ideas and principles.What that means for starters is that there are 4 Saturday morning playshops booked for the Autumn in the beautiful St Paul’s Hall Chipperfield. I created them on the plane somewhere over Germany and Holland before crossing over the water to our beautiful Island.

Mastery for me is full circle, back to the beginning. It’s good to be home and it’s good to be a beginner.

And it will be good to see you xx



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