keeping your balance

Hi there, it’s me again. I am back!

I have been busy ‘keeping my balance’ ….work and play, with the emphasis on lots of play and rest, (smile) and after all, it has been the summer holidays (smile again).


This week in Nia class we are focusing on balance, I mean standing on one leg and wobbling, regaining balance, wobbling a bit more and then changing leg. Remember Cat Stance?

You may well know that from your mid 20’s your ability to balance, slowly declines, even when sober! BUT you can improve the situation by practicing balancing, challenging your sense of balance ie  using your feet, eyes and inner ear, by wobbling about. Remember ‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’. Well that’s you!

At the same time you are unknowingly engaging your core and connecting to vertical alignment, both contributing to creating the elegant and graceful being that you are. Enough of the flattery.

Coming back to the beginning, it is also wonderful to remember to get the right work-play balance for you. Give yourself a review, assess whether you have got it right, then create for yourself a lifestyle prescription (never mind about the drug prescription) and make some changes.

2 things I have prescribed and added to my lifestyle recently is daily guitar playing and making bread (ahem! Organic sourdough rye, no less)

Loving the new term of 4 Nia classes a week, all within a stones throw of Watford and Hemel Hempstead. Looking forward to seeing you sooooon.



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