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Libby Chan’s creators exhibited at the Natural and Organic Show in London just recently, in mid April 2014 and were delighted to announce they were finalists, with lots of interest and enthusiasm. I am delighted to be selling 2 of their FABULOUS non-toxic cleaning products:

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  1. Libby Chan, a totally non-toxic household cleaner. I have been using Libby Chan cleaner for 9 months and love this product for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, I use it all over the house knowing that it has zero harmful health effects.
  2. libbychandispLibby’s Smelly Pet tonic, a super-powered version of Libby Chan with tonnes more odour eating microorganisms to really get to work cleaning & deodorising those whiffy pet smells. The Smelly Pet tonic is great for cleaning up any pet messes and can even be sprayed on the smelly dog when it has rolled in fox poo or anything else that pongs!

What do co-creators Miki and Nik say

“All ingredients used to make Libby Chan are edible and Libby Chan is great for breaking down oil, grease, grime & organic waste and eliminating (not masking) smells.

Libby Chan has been made from combining 100% natural, edible ingredients with a little bit of time, heat and singing! NO chemicals, NO surfactants, NO synthesized enzymes, NO artificial perfumes, libby chan is just full of friendly bacteria and other active impact microorganisms that feed on all the nasties in your home.”

See what Janey Lee Grace has to say about this Libby Chan Cleaner

And for even more information here is the official Libby Chan website

A video with the lovely Miki  and Nic who created this product – click here


Libby Chan concentrate 1 litre  £8.99, plus 1 litre spray bottle at £2.49 = £11.48

Pet tonic 500ml with 250ml spray bottle  £8.99

Contact  Michele Kaye, with your order to arrange collection and payment




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