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As the New Year approaches I am excited to be taking a new look at lots of things…like how I plan my week, so that I book in just the right amount of meetings, appointments. Not so many that I feel no space to breathe and no space to just be, and yet enough activity to feel efficient, effective and satisfied. It’s a good feeling, thinking about finding this balance.  I am reminded of an incredible poem by Danna Faulds that begins:

It only takes a reminder to breathe, a moment to be still, and just like that,

something in me settles, softens, makes space for imperfection.

The harsh voice of judgement drops to a whisper and I

remember again that life isn’t a relay race.

 I am also taking a new look at how I eat….again!

Thank goodness for this New Year thing, this opportunity to review what we do and make some sustainable changes. I will be juicing daily.I will be sitting down to eat rather than the current possible options – sitting, standing, walking, driving. I intend to eat a smaller evening meal, and not drink water during a meal but half an hour before the meal  -all sound Ayurvedic practices.


If you are ready to be re-inspired and reminded of some tasty eating habits then come join me:

Green Nutrition Workshop – Thursday Jan 23rd 10.30-13.00 (after the Nia class)

at Kings Langley Community Centre. Cost £15

I will make us a green vegetable juice, show you how easy it is to make nut or seed milk and how to grow sunflower greens. If we have time some other stuff too 🙂

Oh and my website is having a new look – I discovered a couple of great web design guys in Berkhamsted. I decided to improve my website at the same time as supporting local business. Will let you know when it is up and running.

Here’s to Abundant Health in 2014! Wishing you a great New Look New Year



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