Nia student Spotlight

With Lynette Malitskie

“When I began Nia I had not yet been diagnosed with a heart ailment. It was late 2013 on walking past the Kings Langley Village Hall one Tuesday morning, I heard the haunting music, and was drawn-in, to see where it was coming from. Needless to say I was transfixed as I stood swaying at the door.

I met Michele and started her Nia class the following week.

Lynette Malitskie

About a year later I was given unwelcome news about the condition of my heart. The next day I took myself off to my Nia class feeling somewhat anxious about the state of my health. One hour later I came out of the class revitalised both in body and mind. I moved fluidly with the hypnotic music and all pain real and imagined flew out of the window.

After the shock of the diagnosis I was determined to keep up with Nia, but as the months went by I was dancing less and less. I was eventually leaving the class after 15 minutes, but still happy that I persevered. The pluses of just 15 minutes of Nia, happiness and positivity that Nia brought into my life, out-weighed any negative issues I had.

Then two years ago I had stents put into 3 of my arteries followed by an aortic valve replacement in December 2016. Feeling rather despondent about my lack of ability in the Cardiac Rehabilitation classes, at the first opportunity, I tried out a Nia class and was delighted with the 30 minutes I was able to do and where I was able to be transported (in my imagination): a cove on the Mediterranean, where the Pyrenees meets the sea; I imagined the crashing of the waves, blending in magnificently with the music and movements. I have told all the doctors at Harefield Cardiac Rehab Centre about Nia.

Now in 2018, aged 82, I am able to do a whole class and look forward to another year of Nia!”



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