success or failure?

glass of green vegetable juice How did my juice feast go, I hear you say?

I did it for 3 out of the 5 days, then acknowledged myself profusely for what an amazing accomplishment it was and gently moved into solid foods on day 4. I consider it a success.

I am not focusing on the fact that I didn’t last for 5 days. Anyone who does this for a week or even weeks (AND THEY DO) is a true hero in my eyes. And they relieve themselves of serious health conditions.

Why is it that when you can’t have solid real food it looks like the best thing ever invented that will give you all the pleasure and satisfaction you have every craved?

My juices were packed with vegetables, very green, very vibrant, some were sweeter than others and I drank 4 litres a day. So no hunger.  My favourite afternoon juice was orange, lemon and spinach.

During the week I was guided by the coach to also perform these ‘life practises’ for health and I am thrilled to say I am still doing them:

  • skin brushing in the morning
  • tongue scraping morning and evening
  • starting the day drinking 1 litre of water mixed with lemon juice and MSM
  • the power of the superfood -bee pollen
  • water anemas
  • daily exercise – box ticked with Nia and Teddy walking J

There’s more but these are the main ones.

How did I feel?  Good, clear headed and bright at times, also very tired and headachy at other times.

What did I learn? Tonnes. I am a 3-day Juice Feasting hero! This juice feasting is a tool for accessing the body’s remarkable ability to heal and clean out.  Now I know I can do it, I plan to come back to it one or 2 days a week. Maybe even longer.

Oh and I lost a few pounds.



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