The raw food was dressed but we weren’t!

raw food dishI kid you not, last Sunday evening we had a sophisticated raw naked dining experience, a stone’s throw away from the Shard. (Sorry no photos, in fact we had to leave our phones in our lockers along with all our clothes and handbags!) Our dear friends, R and P, one of them being a seasoned naturist, somehow spotted this ‘not to be missed’ opportunity. And we were happy to accept the invitation, it would have been rude not to!

It was such fun to share this unique dinner date with them, starting with a few laughs, driving down to SE1. Maybe it was some nervousness, certainly on my count, bringing out the hilarity of the situation.

On arrival everyone was provided with slippers and a white dressing gown, which you could keep on, off, open or closed. Cocktails in the bar area introduced us to an eclectic mix of people arriving fully clothed, seated dressing gown-clad couples, and half naked individuals.

The dining room was very tastefully arranged with discrete bamboo type fencing around each table and no lighting apart from ‘naked’ candles on the tables. This did mean that it was quite hard to see the food on my plate and also impossible to read the menu as I had left my reading glasses in my locker. Another new experience was eating as if half blind, in the dim light, letting my fingers wonder around the plate till I found an asparagus to dip into a vegan spirulina whipped mayo. The food was raw gourmet. My main course (vegan option) was sun-dried tomatoes stuffed courgettes with cauliflower couscous and seaweed flakes while the raw steak Tartare was said to be delicious, dressed with basil and wild nettle oil. Our lovely Portuguese waitress was wearing nothing except knickers adorned with strands of ivy, but I never looked long enough to decide if they were real or plastic leaves.

Green vegetable juiceI’m back! Just got up to make a banana, pear, spirulina and water kefir smoothie. This raw food must be getting to me. Well, it is summer. And if you want more on the pro’s and con’s of raw food read ‘To cook or not to cook?’ chapter 8 of my new book Eat Dance Shine.

A final verdict on the naked dinner:single raspberry

not cheap but worth it for the total experience. And when it takes off and moves to trendy Soho, we will be able to say, done that!

Let me know what you think (below)? Would you risk a naked raw dinner date?




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