What is the right diet for you?

After many years of research and experimentation I have developed a sense of what food is right for me, what works. It has eventually become an intuitive process. This enables me to leave behind will power, with its limited usefulness. I encourage you to do the same, to help you decide, what is best for you.

Inner Guru

Inner Guru

In other words “awaken your inner guru” (more on this in Chapter One of my book Eat Dance Shine, being published end of April).

A study was carried out in 2015 with 800 people, to measure their post meal glucose level responses. They found a high level of variability, even though the meals were identical. What makes people respond differently?


These 4 factors were all found to have a part to play in their unique responses:

  • dietary habits
  • body measurements
  • level of physical activity
  • gut microbiome

Great!! Makes the whole concept of listing foods with a glycemic index, the inherent goodies and baddies, less useful. We all respond differently to these foods. This confirms my thoughts and observations on the matter.

After a meal I find it useful to observe and remember how I feel, sleepy, satiated, full of energy, bloated to name but a few sensations. My response to the same food can also vary depending whether I have been highly active (taught Nia, walked the dog and learned some Nia routine at home) or just been sitting most of the day. Learning from these observations is key.

I like the freedom it give me to eat according to self knowledge and not according to the latest idea or fashion, which can often be transient, and seem contradictory or confusing.

What we eat is also highly personal, in terms of culture, taste, ethics and also on a psycho/socio/spiritual basis.

Remember there is no one like you, no one with your body and genes, your life experiences and your history. You are your own best healer. Keep listening to and trusting your ”inner guru”.









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