Why is Nia done Barefoot?

The Africans believe that when dancing with bare feet one becomes connected to the healing energy of the earth and dance movements along with music produce vibrations to heal the body.

Nia dance with bare feetI often invite students to bounce (without jumping); it’s a sort of jiggling to the rhythmic music, in order to give the 75 trillion cells a good shake up. And the joints seem to like it too J

Then there is the aspect of connecting to the earth’s healing energy – Dr. Steven Sinatra feels that Earthing (grounding) may be the most important health discovery in his last 30 years of practice. Simply put, Earthing reconnects the human body with the energy naturally present in the ground we walk on. When this occurs there is a free flow of electrons back and forth from the earth and the human body. There is also a detoxifying of harmful electro magnetic energy that accumulates in the body. Lastly there is a balancing of the autonomic nervous system. Weather permitting, I love to dance and walk in my garden barefoot, or on a beach, even have a sleep on the earth for ‘whole body’ grounding.

And then the feet…the whole aspect of what it does for our feet. I can see the benefits in my own 2 feet. In the last 7  ‘Nia dancing’ years, they have slowly changed shape, the toes have got longer and straighter, my arches seem to be higher and my feet are generally more flexible. My ankles also feel stronger. Ok with feet it can be obvious, but did you know that you may also be healing your eyes!

Research has shown that moderate to heavy exercise consistently decreases eyeball pressure and that it may improve blood flow to the retina and optic nerve as well.

Here are a few barefoot Nia dancing pearls (imaginings)

Start small, in your own time and way. Put on a slow song and FreeDance your feet. Dance as if you were walking on eggshells, dance as if your feet were made of glass, dance as if your feet were soft like a balloon and bounced against the earth, dance as if your feet were like a sponge, dance as if your feet were magnets sensing the strong pull to the earth. Sense the sole of your foot, sense your toes- big toe to baby toe-sense the edges of your feet. Discover and play! Find a new way to move that feels good. Energy follows attention. Set a positive relationship with your feet.



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