without judgement

Yesterday in Nia class we were dancing several tracks from the fab new routine Fly, for the first time. The probability of forgetting how to dance them was high. The focus for the class was the Steps and Stances of Nia and the intention was to practise non-judgement of ourselves. Just in case we went wrong!

Michele dancing

Easier said than done. Isn’t it amazing how we can have these noble intentions to merely witness ourselves. And yet when it comes to it, and I ‘go wrong’ the embarrassment and critical thoughts come flying at me 19 to the dozen.

I loved it. Track 6 started, The Sound of Winter began and there I stood, not a clue what to do….to the rescue, my hands. They just started to pulse and shake to the music. Body joined in and for the first few bars we just pulsed. Then I accessed a brain file “Ah, I know what comes now” and so started the choreography. Instead of the usual ticking off, I just felt grateful that my hands and body had intervened where my brain was lagging behind.

I guess none of the students would have known that the hand and body pulse was not the official start to the track. However my telltale face was a blend of comical, confused and muddled.

Hey ho! If I go wrong, then I hope my ‘mistakes’ allow and give space for others to make ‘mistakes’. Which brings me to the philosophical question of ‘is there such a thing as a mistake?’ How about ‘an opportunity to learn’ or ‘a badly wrapped gift’?

Despite the hard-wiring of my brain over decades, I will be continuing to practise non-judgement of myself in my life, to the best of my ability. I’d love to hear if any of you practise this too and how it goes (post below).



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